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Wedding Proposal Inspiration

wedding proposal

Just like the wedding itself, the wedding proposal is a highly personal event. and one which reflects the personality and relationship of the couple. From the most extravagantly planned proposal to a simple rose-and-ring, there is no limit to the ways that you can choose to ask this very important question. But no matter the method, the location or the level of complexity, proposals always involved flowers. Nanz & Kraft Florists have seen many Louisville couples from wedding proposal to wedding day – and we look forward to helping you. But first – how should you ask?
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Favorite 2015 Wedding Flowers from Nanz & Kraft

wedding flowersNanz & Kraft would like to say “thank you and congratulations!” to all of the couples who asked us to be a part of their day in 2015. It was truly our honor to provide the wedding flowers; bouquets, centerpieces, altar flowers and more for your celebration. As we look forward to the new year, we would like to start by showing you some of our favorite wedding bouquets from the past couple of years – we hope that these arrangements will inspire you and show you the wide range of creative flowers that Nanz & Kraft can provide for your upcoming 2016 wedding.


Flowers run the full spectrum, from pure white to deep and vibrant shades. Depending on your style and your color palette, your options when choosing flowers are nearly endless – from simple, soft bouquets to vibrant wildflower collections, your bouquet is designed just for you.

wedding flowers

Classic white or soft vintage tones, these bouquets are traditional, elegant and romantic – and epitomize all the nostalgia of an old fashioned wedding.

wedding flowers

Monochromatic bridal bouquets can be luxurious or exotic – from orchids to peonies, these gorgeous choices make striking arrangements. If you’d like a bouquet that is unique and stylistically beautiful, consider one of these eye-catching designs.

wedding flowers


For brides that love vivid colors and bold palettes, these flowers make a dramatic – and gorgeous – statement. Perfect for summer weddings, these special arrangements feature orchids, roses, lilies and even succulents in bouquets not seen anywhere else.



If you are planning a 2016 wedding, Nanz & Kraft would like to invite you to browse our photos or visit our flower shop. We look forward to working with you to create the ideal bouquet, as well as centerpieces and ceremony flowers