Nanz & Kraft Tall Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiecesWhat is your idea of the perfect wedding?


Does a wedding conjure up thoughts of a classic cathedral, or a country picnic? Do you think red roses are the perfect expression of love, or is a bouquet of wildflowers more your style? As you plan your 2016 wedding, your ideas and plans are all your own, and the only limit is your own imagination. Nanz and Kraft is ready to recommend the flowers – and design the arrangements – that will perfectly reflect your vision of the day.


There are several popular trends for this year’s weddings; one of which is dramatic, soaring centerpieces that draw the eye upwards and provide an elegant air. This elongated effect can be achieved with tall vases, creative platforms, or long stalks of elegant flowers.

wedding centerpieces
In this beautiful arrangement, polygon vases add interest to a truly sophisticated centerpiece of white orchids. The bouquet rises above the place settings and illustrates one aspect of tall arrangements that you may not think of – your guests will enjoy unhindered conversation, without peering around the flowers.

wedding centerpieces

For their al fresco wedding celebration, this couple displayed green hydrangea, purple mums and wildflowers with natural details in a rustic spray that celebrates the beauty of the outdoors. The flowers were elevated above the table settings with a vintage style metal stand that also elevated the romantic ambiance.


Additional florals that lend well to tall centerpieces are snapdragons, gladioli, coral bells and lupine flowers. Calla lilies placed in tall vases make for a statuesque display that exudes sophistication; while long-stemmed sunflowers provide rustic beauty that is a bit more homespun.


Whatever your choice of venue, theme or color palette, Nanz and Kraft has the Louisville wedding planning experience to recommend the perfect flowers for your bouquets, ceremony and reception. From boutonnieres to wedding cake decorations, we have every bloom you need – call us today to get started planning the most important wedding of 2016 – yours!

Favorite 2015 Wedding Flowers from Nanz & Kraft

wedding flowersNanz & Kraft would like to say “thank you and congratulations!” to all of the couples who asked us to be a part of their day in 2015. It was truly our honor to provide the wedding flowers; bouquets, centerpieces, altar flowers and more for your celebration. As we look forward to the new year, we would like to start by showing you some of our favorite wedding bouquets from the past couple of years – we hope that these arrangements will inspire you and show you the wide range of creative flowers that Nanz & Kraft can provide for your upcoming 2016 wedding.


Flowers run the full spectrum, from pure white to deep and vibrant shades. Depending on your style and your color palette, your options when choosing flowers are nearly endless – from simple, soft bouquets to vibrant wildflower collections, your bouquet is designed just for you.

wedding flowers

Classic white or soft vintage tones, these bouquets are traditional, elegant and romantic – and epitomize all the nostalgia of an old fashioned wedding.

wedding flowers

Monochromatic bridal bouquets can be luxurious or exotic – from orchids to peonies, these gorgeous choices make striking arrangements. If you’d like a bouquet that is unique and stylistically beautiful, consider one of these eye-catching designs.

wedding flowers


For brides that love vivid colors and bold palettes, these flowers make a dramatic – and gorgeous – statement. Perfect for summer weddings, these special arrangements feature orchids, roses, lilies and even succulents in bouquets not seen anywhere else.



If you are planning a 2016 wedding, Nanz & Kraft would like to invite you to browse our photos or visit our flower shop. We look forward to working with you to create the ideal bouquet, as well as centerpieces and ceremony flowers

New Year’s Eve Engagements and Wedding Trends for 2016

new year With the holidays nearly over and the New Year stretching out before us, wedding professionals and reception venues are preparing for the increase in business this time of year brings. Experts claim that one third of all wedding proposals take place between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, resulting in a busy time for couples seeking the most popular event destinations. If you got engaged over the last few weeks, we’d like to offer our congratulations – and tell you that Nanz and Kraft Florist is ready to assist you with décor planning for your special day.


Once you have chosen and reserved your guest list and venue, the next decisions are based in color palettes, décor and thematic planning. Your color scheme will dictate many of your subsequent choices for the day, such as dress choices and floral arrangements. Color palettes will determine if your day will be sophisticated, whimsical or – in the case of the hottest new trends in color – romantic and serene. In the annual selection of the top trending colors of the year, industry experts have named Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue as the reigning options for engaged couples. The blending of these classic shades of pink and blue is the inspiration for this year’s most striking bouquets and centerpiece designs.


new year


It is no coincidence then these colors lend themselves to another hot trend in wedding planning; old fashioned, crafty and DIY wedding days with eclectic décor and antique accents and details. Whether you choose to be married in a train depot, an old mansion or on the grounds of an estate, this color palette is an ideal choice. But keep in mind that regardless of your selections for color palette and decorations, Nanz and Kraft Florists are ready to create dramatic bridal bouquets, impressive centerpieces and ceremony flowers that will be memorable and unique. Call today to speak to one of our wedding consultants, or stop into our Louisville shop, and let’s get the New Year’s wedding planning off to a great start

Winter Weddings- Ivory and Grey

winter weddingThere are many ways to decorate a winter wedding. Traditionally, couples have used holiday colors, most notably green and red, to celebrate over winter months. But if you are planning a winter wedding and are looking for something a bit more elegant and formal, an ivory and gray color palette may be the ideal solution.


Although the “colors of winter” may seem at first to be a bit mundane, they actually have the capacity to transform your ceremony and venue into a winter wonderland. Opaque ivory invitations with charcoal gray calligraphy are a sophisticated beginning. Beautiful faux-fur can be worn around the wedding party’s shoulders, keeping them warm under a luxurious gray or white stole. Pewter goblets and place settings, with rich satin gray napkins adorned with a single ivory bloom make for a classy table; add an ice sculpture on your head table for a dramatic impression.

winter wedding

As for flowers, vintage ivory colored roses, hydrangea and mums dusted with silvery gray glitter give off a frosted, icy look. White and ivory flowers of all kinds become living art when airbrushed gray and silver; while eucalyptus leaves and some succulents add the hue naturally. Crystals and jewels embellish your bouquets to make them sparkle like a fresh coat of snow; and strings of crystals illuminated by candlelight become decorative icicles.

winter wedding

To complete your winter theme, end the evening off with a sweet treat for your guests. White hot chocolate, rock candy “ice” stirrers, and an ivory cake will be the perfect way to close your special day.


Winter weddings give couples a unique opportunity to create an event unlike any other. For more ideas for classically graceful arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces, come see us in our Louisville flower shop. Whatever your dream wedding, Nanz and Kraft has the expertise and inspiration to bring it to life.

Using Chrysanthemums in Your Fall Wedding


Second only to roses in popularity, the chrysanthemum, or more commonly simply mum, is one of the most versatile flowers available. The mum comes in nearly 2,000 varieties and the entire spectrum of colors. They are so diverse that when two mums are side by side, one might not know that they are of the same family. When planning a wedding, mums make perfect standalone bouquets or centerpieces, but also add texture and interest to larger arrangements. And given that mums are generally less expensive than their exotic counterparts, they help to make sure your wedding is gorgeously within budget!




The variety of the mum’s appearance makes it easy to find a mum for any theme or palette. Spider chrysanthemum’s bold petals, resembling a firework exploding, add excitement to your bouquet or more exotic blooms; and an entire spectrum of mums, more resembling asters and daisies, make spectacular fall wedding centerpieces. Button and pompom chrysanthemums make wonderful boutonnieres of any color – these green button mums make the perfect accompaniment to the wedding cake.




The official flower of November, the mum blooms well into the fall. The chrysanthemum flower signifies “I will always remember this.” In the language of flowers, this makes for a perfect wedding bloom. If you would like to explore how the amazing chrysanthemum can be incorporated into your wedding celebration, simply visit with one of our wedding consultants at any of our Louisville locations. We will share photos of all the types and species of mums, and give you inspiration as to how they can accentuate the beauty of your wedding.

Nanz & Kraft – Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingsVintage weddings grow more popular every year, and there is very good reason. The wealth of inspiration that exists in America’s history over the last 100 years is staggering; from iconic fashions, to gorgeous movie stars; from architecture to food to music – one cannot help but be inspired!


Because of the myriad of choices, many weddings termed “vintage” can be radically different in style and theme. Imagine a wedding that hearkens back to the 1930’s. Sophisticated starlets in elegant gowns, adorned in feathers and pearls, dancing away to the a big band playing swing music, the jitterbug and the foxtrot – could anything be more classically vintage? However, a flower child wedding, complete with flowing lace gown, a floral wreath in the bride’s hair and barefoot bridesmaids is also authentically American vintage.

vintage weddings

If the venue and the décor steps us back in time in any manner, you’ve got a vintage wedding. Popular elements for classic themes include long strings of pearls draped both around the brides neck  and around an antique white wedding cake. A lace trimmed veil from your mother, or a lavish jeweled necklace from your grandmother can tie in your roots and heritage. Speaking of heritage, what better way to honor a treasured family member by “recreating” their wedding day? From dress to headpiece to bouquet, putting your own personal spin on an old wedding photo is a remarkable way to continue your family legacy.


Of course, flowers are an integral part of the ambiance. Whether you dream of lavish bouquets of peonies for a turn of the century garden tea party; or elegant lilies for a 1940’s soiree – Nanz and Kraft Florists will help you to create the perfect floral arrangements and bouquets. Striking ceremony flowers, inviting head table arrangements, jewel-encrusted centerpieces; we have everything you need to throw the vintage wedding you’ve been envisioning. Our floral experts are ready to help with creative ideas to get you started – come in today!

Going Green

In today’s world, a lot of emphasis is being placed on “going green”. In the wedding world, one of this year’s hottest trends is following suit, using greenery to a greater extent than ever before. From ceremonies to bouquets, from centerpieces to wedding cakes, green is the coolest color around. Regardless of style or theme, we think you will love how greens are being incorporated into weddings. You might even be inspired to create a gorgeous theme of your own!

green wedding

green wedding

For the natural and rustic bride, utilizing green as a backdrop for the ceremony is a classic choice. For one thing, white stands out vividly against leafy greens, so the bride herself will be highlighted even more. Selective use of blooms will make the flowers stand out in their simplicity and provide a look that is purely inspired by nature.

green wedding

The ways to showcase greenery at your reception is as unlimited as your imagination. Ideas we love include draping hanging lights with rosemary or other fresh herb leaves. The look is stunning, and the leaves give off an amazing subtle aroma that can be coordinated with the meal for a total sensory experience. A table runner of greenery accented by the occasional flower from your bouquet will provide the interest and palette you desire, while also being a lower cost option for long tables. And if your ceremony backdrop was lush with greenery, your wedding cake can be similarly accented, pulling together the beginning and end of the day into one continuous and gorgeous theme.

green wedding


green wedding

If you love the idea of a green wedding, come into Nanz and Kraft for even more inspiration. From tiny terrariums for favors, to ivy floral wreaths for your bridesmaids hair, green is a popular choice for good reason. Its natural simplicity, beauty and versatility allows you to create the wedding of your dreams – come into our shop and let’s start planning today!

The Color of Romance

pink weddingThe colors you choose for your wedding day will influence every other element of the day, from the venue to the cake. Bright primary colors lend themselves to rustic venues and relaxed atmospheres; while deep and elegant colors speak to formal evening events. When it comes to choosing a color palette for pure romance, however, there is nothing quite like pink. These are so many beautiful shades of pink, from blush to fuchsia, so brides have a broad spectrum to choose from. Select one shade, or blend them all together for a truly classic bouquet.

pink wedding

The flowers you choose will also set the mood and ambiance for the day. Exotic or traditional, wildflowers or perfectly arranged bouquets – there are so many pink flower choices that will allow you to stay within your theme and style.

pink wedding

As much as we love creating stunning bouquets and centerpieces for your event, there are many other ways your can infuse your wedding with gorgeous shades of pink. Sprinkle rose petals around tables and climbing up the wedding cake; use lush peonies as corsages or attached to headbands; or place vintage punch bowls on tables filled with sparkling pink lemonade. For alternative sweet treats, provide tiny pink frosted cupcakes, blush tinged macaroons or even pink frosty Popsicles for a hot day.

pink wedding

If your dream is a pretty in pink wedding – whether vintage blush or modern hot pink – Nanz & Kraft Florists are your one stop shop. Across Louisville, brides and grooms are trusting their special day to us – bouquets to boutonnieres, we are here to help. Call us today!

Autumn Wedding, Bold Style

You are already a trendsetter. While scores of brides clamor for spring and summer dates, you’ve decided you have something different in mind. Something more colorful, warm and earthy.

Something more bold.

Autumn weddings give brides and grooms the unique opportunity to play with color palettes and invoke hues not utilized in earlier months. reports that fall ceremonies often inspire rich, luxurious tones for bridesmaid dresses, as well as a greater opportunity for fall styles, including stoles and wraps. Deep colored dresses are being offset with equally dramatic floral bouquets, with 2015 popular colors being wine red and vibrant purple accented with creamy white.

Autumn Wedding

Of course, for those who desire a classic fall ceremony and reception, earth tones and natural accents are always in style. With wood and metallic details scattered throughout your celebration, your guests will feel the warmth and ambiance of the changing seasons. Another hot trend for this year is to incorporate twigs, feathers, and berries to further the natural vibe.

Autumn Wedding

Whatever your dream Louisville wedding may be, Nanz & Kraft Florists have the selection, the expertise and the inspiration to make sure your fall wedding is as memorable as it is beautiful. From hot 2015 trends to classic wedding traditions, you’ll find your perfect floral arrangements and bouquets at Nanz & Kraft.


Making Your Outdoor Wedding Spectacular

The sun is shining. The evening breeze is perfect. And as all eyes turn to the bride as she begins her walk down the aisle, the vibrant flowers lining her path seem to escort her along her way.

There is something truly beautiful about Louisville outdoor weddings, and the setting each couple chooses is an expression of their style and personality. Flowers are incorporated into almost every wedding in some way, but with an outdoor event, the floral arrangements seem somehow more at home, more fitting. The variations are only limited by the imagination of each couple, and arrangements can be designed to perfectly reflect your ideal day.

outdoor wedding

This couple chose classic rose petals combined with the uncommon element of large water vases strewn with like petals for their wedding (above); while another opted for simple yet elegant mason jars and with roses and hydrangea to add just the right splash of color and ambiance.

outdoor wedding

When in a predominantly green, woodsy outdoor setting, vivid colors in your wedding bouquet and overall décor accentuate and draw the eye. This bride’s choice of lavender and white for her floral bouquets was the perfect accompaniment to the rustic natural setting of the venue, as well as the natural palette of the dresses.

outdoor wedding

The ceremony took place under a similarly adorned trellis. With wrought iron detailing and architectural accents, the archway fit seamlessly into the outdoor environment, and was draped with greenery and twining floral embellishment.

outdoor wedding

This couple effortlessly incorporated the flowers into the surrounding venue; the pastoral setting was perfectly complemented with these “fresh-cut” floral displays, with greens and accents surrounding stunning orchids. The overall effect was that of wildflowers grown outdoors and gathered for the special day.

outdoor wedding

But rustic and rural is not for every bride. If you desire an open air venue but wish to provide shade and covering, a simple white tent can be elegantly transformed with the addition of sophisticated floral arrangements. These elongated vases with graceful green and white blooms add an air of opulence to the outdoor space, bringing all the opulence of a luxury venue outside.

outdoor wedding

Whatever the mood you wish to express at your Louisville area outdoor wedding, Nanz & Kraft’s event consultants are ready to bring your dream wedding venue to life. Call us today at 800-897-6551 or contact us for your appointment.