Wedding Proposal Inspiration

wedding proposal

Just like the wedding itself, the wedding proposal is a highly personal event. and one which reflects the personality and relationship of the couple. From the most extravagantly planned proposal to a simple rose-and-ring, there is no limit to the ways that you can choose to ask this very important question. But no matter the method, the location or the level of complexity, proposals always involved flowers. Nanz & Kraft Florists have seen many Louisville couples from wedding proposal to wedding day – and we look forward to helping you. But first – how should you ask?
Prepare the Way: There are many ways to build the suspense throughout the day. You may wish to plan a “red carpet” surprise. Scatter rose petals from her front door to the car, the office lobby to her desk, and from the restaurant entrance to your table. All day, the romance will be building as they spot another red carpet waiting for them.

wedding proposal

You can execute a similar plan with roses, or with any of their favorite flowers. Leave single stems in obvious places all day long, with small love notes addressed to them attached. By the end of the day, they will have 11 roses with you delivering the 12th rose – and a ring.

Enlist Help: The internet is full of “flash-mob” type scenarios. If you want a more subtle wedding proposal, but still want to incorporate an element of surprise, you can ask a few key people for help. Send accomplices¬†ahead of you and strategically place floral bouquets, chocolates, or little notes for you. One idea we particularly love involves total strangers. A groom-to-be had his friends ask total strangers to walk up to his intended, hand her a flower, and simply say “Congratulations!” The final flower said “Will you marry me?” and the groom stepped into view.

From the big question to the big day, Nanz & Kraft Florists is your floral source for all things wedding. Give us a call today, and let’s start planning! ¬†After all, there is nothing more beautiful than weddings – or flowers.