Orchid Floral Options for your Wedding Day


You’ve chosen the venue, selected your bridal party, and decided upon your colors. Now is the right time to speak to a wedding consultant about the perfect bridal flowers. With all the floral options available, it may seem overwhelming, but there are some flowers that just seem to make it easy.

orchid floral options

For instance, the versatile orchid is a timeless choice – elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, the orchid comes in so many beautiful colors and styles that it is sure to fit into any wedding color palette and theme. If you are planning a Louisville wedding, make an appointment with Nanz and Kraft. We’ll show you first-hand the beauty of the many orchid floral options available to you. orchid floral options

Flowers make one of the biggest visual impacts on your wedding day, as they are a part of your décor as well as a personal accessory for the bride and her bridal party. From corsages to bouquets to cake decorations, choosing the right flowers to accentuate your personal style is key.  orchid floral options

Orchids occur in a myriad of styles and colors that are perfect for either extravagant cascading bouquets or unique centerpiece designs. No matter how you use the orchid, it is a flower that exudes elegance and romanticism.  Creating masterpieces with flowers is the passion of the floral designers at Nanz and Kraft Florists.  As you set out to plan your wedding, allow us to create something truly one of a kind, and have the memorable wedding you deserve.