Winter Wonderland Holiday Wedding Planning

holiday weddingThere are many reasons that a couple would choose the holidays to get married. The winter is a beautiful and elegant time to host a wedding celebration, and the unique elements of the season allow the bride to create a magical winter wonderland.

With love in the air and the ambiance of the holidays all around, it is an ideal time to tie the knot.

holiday weddingAs we bask in the bliss of summer warmth and sunshine, thoughts of holiday planning may not be top of mind, but for the prospective bride and groom, they should be! At this point, approximately six months before the event, details should be finalized for the major elements of the day – venue, bridal party, and color scheme, for instance. Once the couple has this information in hand, it is time to book an appointment with their wedding florist – but which one? Not every florist is experienced in staging weddings – in Louisville, your best choice is Nanz & Kraft Florists. Our floral designers don’t just provide flowers; they help you to create the vision you have been dreaming of, and they have done so for hundreds of couples over the years.

holiday weddingBecause not all flowers are available in the winter, our floral designers say that it is better to come to the planning table with an overall vision of the look and theme. Having a color palette is more important than expecting a specific flower which may not be readily accessible. In that way, we can show you a selection of gorgeous alternatives that will be visually stunning, but keep you within budget.

holiday weddingRed, white, or a combination of both is a popular choice to mirror the hues of the holidays, while deep magentas and purples are also used. For a pristine winter white wedding, white roses and orchids make a beautiful bouquet. Traditional holiday elements, such as evergreen, poinsettias, red berries, wreaths, and pine cones also naturally add to your bouquets and arrangements, subtly adding seasonal elegance and charm. White branches strewn with lights, lanterns for illumination and crystal ornaments also add to the warmth of a holiday gathering at your venue.

The holidays are a popular time not only for weddings but for corporate events and society parties. As such, resources are booked far in advance – so call us today for a wedding consultation. We can reserve your event, and guarantee that your flowers will be almost as beautiful as the bride.