Designer Wedding Flowers Within Your Budget

designer wedding flowersPlanning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming, and with every detail is a price tag. It may be tempting to look for ways to cut corners and look for deals, but shopping for the lowest cost when looking for wedding flowers is not the place to start. We understand you have a budget – but what if we could help you create your dream wedding, within that budget, without sacrificing any of your vision?

Think about it – the entire ambiance of the wedding is often embodied in the flowers; the color palette, the romance, the decadence or simplicity – it is all created with the lovely floral arrangements and bouquets. The experts at Nanz and Kraft are not just florists; they are professional floral designers who take pride in their work. Far from simply delivering your flowers, the designer will provide extra touches that go above and beyond, tweaking flowers and colors to match your personal taste, venue, dresses and more.

Floral designer Marketa Greer notes that a true professional can often get a read on what colors the bride will love by meeting her and seeing her personal style, even what she is wearing that day. Getting to know the bride and groom is the aspect of face-to-face relationships that all floral designers agree on. When a bride only provides a list of flowers and asks for a price, it not only limits the designer but also is detrimental to the bride herself. Such an approach will not allow the designer to make recommendations and truly model a wedding day around the desires of the couple, while staying within budget. Marketa outlines a few more tips and tricks – and recommends that you come in to learn more secrets that only working with a Nanz and Kraft floral expert will reveal.

Floral designers know what flowers will be in season, as well as which flowers are grown locally; ensuring the best quality flowers at the best price.

If the bride is on a tight budget, her favorite flower of choice can be used for personal flowers, while reception flowers can be substituted with complementary flowers of the same color palette.

To limit cost, your flowers can be used twice. For instance, you can use the same flowers from your rehearsal dinner at your reception; or the church flowers can be moved to the reception hall for décor.

Floral petals can be used instead of large centerpieces to add extra color to reception tables, while staying in budget.

With hundreds of weddings in our portfolio, our floral designers are skilled at identifying the perfect flowers to make your dream come to life; while also having the knowledge to advise you as to what looks good in particular venues, or how your choices will withstand the summer heat. Don’t trust your wedding flowers to the low-cost bidder – the advice of a Nanz and Kraft floral design expert is priceless in the preparation for your wedding.