Traditional Roles When You are the Mother of the Bride

mother of the brideAs a mother, your responsibilities change as your children grow older. What starts as caring for a young child grows into a mentorship as they mature; and on that special day when your daughter is getting married, you are by her side as her strongest source of love and support. Though specific roles may evolve throughout one’s life, the love of a mother will never change.

Traditionally, mothers have always played a key role when it comes to planning the perfect wedding celebration. Moms often are tasked with helping coordinate the details of the day – such as guest lists and vendors – and to stay on top of these tasks for the bride. This ensures that the planning will run smoothly, and the bride and groom can focus on many of the other elements that go into wedding preparation. It’s not all work for mom, however, as she is one of the only guests invited to help the bride pick out her gorgeous white dress, which many mothers say is one of their fondest memories.

Mothers have a reputation for getting things done, and that is why having Mom assist you in your wedding plans is a huge asset! From giving her opinion on different venues to calling all the local caterers just so you will have your favorite dish – she truly is your biggest fan on your biggest day. On the day itself, Mom will be the last one walked down the aisle before the bride; and will have a traditional dance just after the bride and groom.

Another timeless wedding tradition is the inclusion of flowers, which has been a custom since the earliest of ceremonies. At Nanz and Kraft, we love working with brides and their mothers to come up with bouquets and centerpieces that perfectly align with your vision and style. Classic or contemporary, floral arrangements are always a part of the wedding tradition.

When planning your Louisville wedding day, allow our florists at Nanz & Kraft to create something beautifully one of a kind that will live in your heart, and your photographs, for years to come!