Wedding Myths & Facts

wedding traditionsGetting engaged and planning your wedding is an exciting time – and in contemporary culture, friends and family get to see it unfold in real time. From YouTube videos of elaborate proposals to reality TV shows about picking the perfect dress; our modern day rituals have certainly not always been the norm. Over time, traditions truly do change; and our traditions would likely look as strange to people from the past as theirs do to us.

Choosing a wedding date can be challenging. It is important to find a time that works best for your family and friends; fits into your personal and work schedule; and is open at your venue of choice. But in the past, there have been many superstitious ways to choose your wedding day. For instance, although Friday and Saturday are the most popular wedding days in modern culture, these days were considered the unluckiest of the entire week centuries ago. Also, a wedding performed after sunset was taboo; as that ceremony would doom the marriage before it began.

Throughout history, people have looked for good omens to assure them that their marriage would be successful. There have been many signs thought to foresee a successful marriage – seeing a rainbow or a black cat was good luck; being married on a sunny day was an auspicious start; and meeting a chimney sweep on the day of your ceremony was sure to assure a successful union. These may seem slightly absurd to us, but we can be a bit superstitious as well. Many still believe it bad luck for a bride to be seen by the groom in her gown before she walks down the aisle, a remnant from medieval practice.

Whatever your beliefs and traditions are when it comes to your wedding ceremony, Nanz and Kraft Florists are here to create the floral arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces that will make your day memorable in the best possible way. Traditional or innovative, we look forward to being a part of your unique and special day!