Greenery Tops 2017 Pantone Color List

Pantone Color

After much anticipation, the Pantone Color Institute has revealed its list of the top 10 trending colors for 2017 – as well as the Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery.  The colors on the list are compiled primarily from watching top fashion designers and runway shows, but the fashion-forward tones also translate to all aspects of design. This year’s choice for top color represents all things spring – it is reinvigorating, rejuvenating, fresh and alive. Greenery is one of the two greens on the list for the upcoming season, and is joined by 8 other beautiful shades of nature.

Planning a wedding in 2017? The expert floral designers at Nanz & Kraft Florists will take your inspiration and turn it into reality – by pairing your vision with the most beautiful flowers and decor in Louisville.

Pantone color

Greenery is most often exhibited in cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, and green roses.

If you are looking for a soft classic look, Hazelnut and Pale Dogwood are the perfect shades. The earthy neutral and the romantic pale pink combine to create bouquets that exude a vintage ambiance, and look beautiful in roses. pantone color

Pantone color covers the entire spectrum, so if pale pink is a bit tame for you -there are plenty of options on the 2017 list! Pink Yarrow turns up the heat on the hue, creating a hot neon shade that confidently demands to be the center of attention.  Roses, gerberas, and peonies are bold  – and pretty – in hot pink. pantone color

Light a fire with the vivid orange of Flame, the spiciest color on the list. This is a color for the vivacious and the extroverted – and promises an unforgettable impact. pantone color

The Pantone Color List is rounded out with a darker green (Kale), three blue tones (Niagara, Island Paradise, and Blue Lapis) and a cheerful yellow hue (Yellow Primrose). There is truly something for everyone, meaning you can showcase the hottest colors of the year, while still remaining true to your style.

Nanz & Kraft Florists are experts at designing the most stunning wedding bouquets, centerpieces, altar flowers and venue decor. Whatever inspires you, we’ll bring it to life. Call us today!

Wedding Proposal Inspiration

wedding proposal

Just like the wedding itself, the wedding proposal is a highly personal event. and one which reflects the personality and relationship of the couple. From the most extravagantly planned proposal to a simple rose-and-ring, there is no limit to the ways that you can choose to ask this very important question. But no matter the method, the location or the level of complexity, proposals always involved flowers. Nanz & Kraft Florists have seen many Louisville couples from wedding proposal to wedding day – and we look forward to helping you. But first – how should you ask?
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Floral Extras for Your Wedding

floral extras

From flowers adorning your upswept hair to rose petals along the aisle, there are many floral extras that can be utilized in your wedding decor. Although your bouquets and centerpieces are front and center, some of the smaller details can make all the difference, by adding beauty and sophistication to every corner of your venue. At Nanz & Kraft Florists, each detail of your wedding is important to us.
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Metallic Accents for Any Style Wedding

metallic wedding accents There are many decisions to be made when planning a wedding. When it comes time to decide on how to best decorate your chosen venues and accessorize your gown and color palettes – call Nanz and Kraft Florists to design gorgeous florals. Our professionals will create the bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decor that will bring your wedding day vision to life. If you are like many couples, metallic accents are often a part of your decor planning, as they add shine and shimmer to any event, regardless of style.
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Orchid Floral Options for your Wedding Day


You’ve chosen the venue, selected your bridal party, and decided upon your colors. Now is the right time to speak to a wedding consultant about the perfect bridal flowers. With all the floral options available, it may seem overwhelming, but there are some flowers that just seem to make it easy.

orchid floral options

For instance, the versatile orchid is a timeless choice – elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, the orchid comes in so many beautiful colors and styles that it is sure to fit into any wedding color palette and theme. If you are planning a Louisville wedding, make an appointment with Nanz and Kraft. We’ll show you first-hand the beauty of the many orchid floral options available to you. orchid floral options

Flowers make one of the biggest visual impacts on your wedding day, as they are a part of your décor as well as a personal accessory for the bride and her bridal party. From corsages to bouquets to cake decorations, choosing the right flowers to accentuate your personal style is key.  orchid floral options

Orchids occur in a myriad of styles and colors that are perfect for either extravagant cascading bouquets or unique centerpiece designs. No matter how you use the orchid, it is a flower that exudes elegance and romanticism.  Creating masterpieces with flowers is the passion of the floral designers at Nanz and Kraft Florists.  As you set out to plan your wedding, allow us to create something truly one of a kind, and have the memorable wedding you deserve.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Wedding Planning

holiday weddingThere are many reasons that a couple would choose the holidays to get married. The winter is a beautiful and elegant time to host a wedding celebration, and the unique elements of the season allow the bride to create a magical winter wonderland.

With love in the air and the ambiance of the holidays all around, it is an ideal time to tie the knot.

holiday weddingAs we bask in the bliss of summer warmth and sunshine, thoughts of holiday planning may not be top of mind, but for the prospective bride and groom, they should be! At this point, approximately six months before the event, details should be finalized for the major elements of the day – venue, bridal party, and color scheme, for instance. Once the couple has this information in hand, it is time to book an appointment with their wedding florist – but which one? Not every florist is experienced in staging weddings – in Louisville, your best choice is Nanz & Kraft Florists. Our floral designers don’t just provide flowers; they help you to create the vision you have been dreaming of, and they have done so for hundreds of couples over the years.

holiday weddingBecause not all flowers are available in the winter, our floral designers say that it is better to come to the planning table with an overall vision of the look and theme. Having a color palette is more important than expecting a specific flower which may not be readily accessible. In that way, we can show you a selection of gorgeous alternatives that will be visually stunning, but keep you within budget.

holiday weddingRed, white, or a combination of both is a popular choice to mirror the hues of the holidays, while deep magentas and purples are also used. For a pristine winter white wedding, white roses and orchids make a beautiful bouquet. Traditional holiday elements, such as evergreen, poinsettias, red berries, wreaths, and pine cones also naturally add to your bouquets and arrangements, subtly adding seasonal elegance and charm. White branches strewn with lights, lanterns for illumination and crystal ornaments also add to the warmth of a holiday gathering at your venue.

The holidays are a popular time not only for weddings but for corporate events and society parties. As such, resources are booked far in advance – so call us today for a wedding consultation. We can reserve your event, and guarantee that your flowers will be almost as beautiful as the bride.

Designer Wedding Flowers Within Your Budget

designer wedding flowersPlanning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming, and with every detail is a price tag. It may be tempting to look for ways to cut corners and look for deals, but shopping for the lowest cost when looking for wedding flowers is not the place to start. We understand you have a budget – but what if we could help you create your dream wedding, within that budget, without sacrificing any of your vision?

Think about it – the entire ambiance of the wedding is often embodied in the flowers; the color palette, the romance, the decadence or simplicity – it is all created with the lovely floral arrangements and bouquets. The experts at Nanz and Kraft are not just florists; they are professional floral designers who take pride in their work. Far from simply delivering your flowers, the designer will provide extra touches that go above and beyond, tweaking flowers and colors to match your personal taste, venue, dresses and more.

Floral designer Marketa Greer notes that a true professional can often get a read on what colors the bride will love by meeting her and seeing her personal style, even what she is wearing that day. Getting to know the bride and groom is the aspect of face-to-face relationships that all floral designers agree on. When a bride only provides a list of flowers and asks for a price, it not only limits the designer but also is detrimental to the bride herself. Such an approach will not allow the designer to make recommendations and truly model a wedding day around the desires of the couple, while staying within budget. Marketa outlines a few more tips and tricks – and recommends that you come in to learn more secrets that only working with a Nanz and Kraft floral expert will reveal.

Floral designers know what flowers will be in season, as well as which flowers are grown locally; ensuring the best quality flowers at the best price.

If the bride is on a tight budget, her favorite flower of choice can be used for personal flowers, while reception flowers can be substituted with complementary flowers of the same color palette.

To limit cost, your flowers can be used twice. For instance, you can use the same flowers from your rehearsal dinner at your reception; or the church flowers can be moved to the reception hall for décor.

Floral petals can be used instead of large centerpieces to add extra color to reception tables, while staying in budget.

With hundreds of weddings in our portfolio, our floral designers are skilled at identifying the perfect flowers to make your dream come to life; while also having the knowledge to advise you as to what looks good in particular venues, or how your choices will withstand the summer heat. Don’t trust your wedding flowers to the low-cost bidder – the advice of a Nanz and Kraft floral design expert is priceless in the preparation for your wedding.

Traditional Roles When You are the Mother of the Bride

mother of the brideAs a mother, your responsibilities change as your children grow older. What starts as caring for a young child grows into a mentorship as they mature; and on that special day when your daughter is getting married, you are by her side as her strongest source of love and support. Though specific roles may evolve throughout one’s life, the love of a mother will never change.

Traditionally, mothers have always played a key role when it comes to planning the perfect wedding celebration. Moms often are tasked with helping coordinate the details of the day – such as guest lists and vendors – and to stay on top of these tasks for the bride. This ensures that the planning will run smoothly, and the bride and groom can focus on many of the other elements that go into wedding preparation. It’s not all work for mom, however, as she is one of the only guests invited to help the bride pick out her gorgeous white dress, which many mothers say is one of their fondest memories.

Mothers have a reputation for getting things done, and that is why having Mom assist you in your wedding plans is a huge asset! From giving her opinion on different venues to calling all the local caterers just so you will have your favorite dish – she truly is your biggest fan on your biggest day. On the day itself, Mom will be the last one walked down the aisle before the bride; and will have a traditional dance just after the bride and groom.

Another timeless wedding tradition is the inclusion of flowers, which has been a custom since the earliest of ceremonies. At Nanz and Kraft, we love working with brides and their mothers to come up with bouquets and centerpieces that perfectly align with your vision and style. Classic or contemporary, floral arrangements are always a part of the wedding tradition.

When planning your Louisville wedding day, allow our florists at Nanz & Kraft to create something beautifully one of a kind that will live in your heart, and your photographs, for years to come!

Wedding Myths & Facts

wedding traditionsGetting engaged and planning your wedding is an exciting time – and in contemporary culture, friends and family get to see it unfold in real time. From YouTube videos of elaborate proposals to reality TV shows about picking the perfect dress; our modern day rituals have certainly not always been the norm. Over time, traditions truly do change; and our traditions would likely look as strange to people from the past as theirs do to us.

Choosing a wedding date can be challenging. It is important to find a time that works best for your family and friends; fits into your personal and work schedule; and is open at your venue of choice. But in the past, there have been many superstitious ways to choose your wedding day. For instance, although Friday and Saturday are the most popular wedding days in modern culture, these days were considered the unluckiest of the entire week centuries ago. Also, a wedding performed after sunset was taboo; as that ceremony would doom the marriage before it began.

Throughout history, people have looked for good omens to assure them that their marriage would be successful. There have been many signs thought to foresee a successful marriage – seeing a rainbow or a black cat was good luck; being married on a sunny day was an auspicious start; and meeting a chimney sweep on the day of your ceremony was sure to assure a successful union. These may seem slightly absurd to us, but we can be a bit superstitious as well. Many still believe it bad luck for a bride to be seen by the groom in her gown before she walks down the aisle, a remnant from medieval practice.

Whatever your beliefs and traditions are when it comes to your wedding ceremony, Nanz and Kraft Florists are here to create the floral arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces that will make your day memorable in the best possible way. Traditional or innovative, we look forward to being a part of your unique and special day!



Nanz & Kraft Florist – Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsIt’s that time of year again – time for couples to begin making final selections for all their summer wedding details! At Nanz & Kraft, we are honored to have been a part of so many Louisville area summer weddings in the past – and look forward to helping you choose the seasonal flowers and arrangements that will stand up to the heat beautifully.

Creating floral arrangements that will hold their own during your outdoor ceremony and reception is easier than you may think. There are some flowers known to the experts to withstand the heat better than many – for instance, tropical blooms feel right at home in hot and humid weather. Lilies (especially callas), sunflowers, roses and orchids are the most commonly used; however one of our favorite new trends for the season is the use of succulents as décor and centerpieces. These desert plants are extremely hardy and hold plenty of water in their thick leaves, which gives them a great advantage when being outside in direct sunlight for long periods of time. These unique beauties can liven up any table or bouquet with a trendy and interesting summer flair.

summer wedding
Although this year’s springtime weddings leaned towards muted hues; we are now seeing more bright and bold colors trending for summer. These colors reflect all the fun and adventure of the hottest season – when placed in an outdoor setting, arrange the floral displays in large glass containers filled with water to ensure that they will look fresh and vibrant all day long!

summer weddingsExpert Tip: Just as your flowers need extra water to keep from wilting, so do your guests! Provide cold, non-alcoholic drinks to your guests from the moment they enter the venue; keep them coming all day. From fountains with ice cold punch to buckets offering water bottles, your guests are sure to be refreshed and hydrated.

Everyone dreams of the perfect summer day; and your wedding day should be the most perfect of them all. Allow Nanz & Kraft Florists to provide the floral backdrop that will set the stage for your big celebration – in the summertime, and all year round, we are Louisville’s premiere wedding florist.